Helix International identifies, facilitates and secures high value creating opportunities by combining and applying the following expertise :

International Strategy

Review of operations and "business models" through a rigorous strategic analysis methodology

Detailed analysis of the competitive world, particularly in emerging countries in Africa and Asia

Strategic repositioning using"outside the box" thinking, and innovative or disruptive approaches. Organizational and operational implications

Proposed endogenous and exogenous growth areas, particularly internationally

Formalization of fully documented "business plans" consistent with recommended strategies. Translation in terms of financing needs and preparation of financial documentation.

Planning and steering of the implementation of the identified strategic initiatives

Formalization and transfer of experience to the management and the chief strategy officer staff.

Mergers & Acquisitions

An experienced vision of field projects:

Conduct target search, internationally and particularly in high-growth regions in Africa and Asia. Prepare the critical path for penetrating emerging markets and reduce risks

Early qualification of investment targets through confirmed information about companies, their economic and legal situation, their competitiveness and their potential, especially in emerging markets

Confirm the information on companies through field investigations, leadership reviews and reality checks of their activities

Conduct all of the acquisition process: valuation, negotiation, end game simulation, and preparation of the post-acquisition integration

Facilitate contacts through our international network

Conduct strategic, operational and financial due diligence in collaboration with specialized teams (auditors, lawyers, )

Validate business plans of investment projects for funds and financial players

Propose options for joint venture or partnership

Seek buyers or strategic partners internationally


Propose strategic turnaround solutions, repairs of "business model" and new growth areas particularly in growing markets in Africa and Asia

Prepare and conduct operational turnaround

Negotiate with shareholders, investors, banks and creditors in debt restructuring and refinancing

Providing financing solutions and "new money"

Prepare offers for distressed assets including in court proceedings.

Facilitate the sale of underperforming subsidiaries

Financial advisory and sourcing of financing

A real capacity to mobilize our network of global investors :

Mobilizing our global investor network:

Search multiple funding sources after assessing financial needs

Bring "new money" in crisis situations

Structuring competitive financial packages

Propose alternative vehicles backed by a portfolio of investments or defeasance schemes for the realization of assets

Source funding from investment funds, sovereign funds, individual investors or financing from banks and international institutions